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MEMORIES weaves together the stories, poetry, imagery and singing traditions of Kurdish women from Turkey and women in central Appalachia in a meditation on love, longing and womanhood. Created by Kyla-Rose Smith, Alexia Webster, Eva Salina, and Ali Tekbas. With special thanks to Fidel, Medine, Edule, Ali’s family, the women of Hakkari, Rubar Güngör, Nell Fields, Janet Marie Pace, and Mae Boggs. In loving memory of Edule Kılıç.

The piece grew from a project called Jiyan, documenting stories of migrant women in Turkey.

DREAMS is an exploration of how the unbound imaginative world of children washes up against and over the physical wall that surrounds their society, using original music and visuals inspired by the nighttime dreams and daydreams of a group of children living along the West Bank wall in Palestine. Created by Christopher Marianetti, Alexia Webster, and Asma Ghanem. Special thanks to Meghan Judge, Nada, and all the kids from Qalandiya who shared their dreams.

RITUALS transposes healing rituals of Morocco, Appalachia, and Java into the structure of the gnawa lila ceremony, which navigates the seven colors of the spirit world. Rituals journeys between the physical plane and the land of the djinns. Created by Jeremy Thal, Mehdi Nassouli, and Ben Townsend. Foot washing ceremony from In the Good Old Fashioned Way by Herb E. Smith courtesy of Appalshop Archive. Additional video footage by Hatim Belyamani.



Mosaic Interactive events are accompanied by community-hosted popup dinners, featuring Remedy and Recipe exchanges, song shares, educational workshops and discussion sessions. Audiences and participants can also engage with our Dream Typewriter, which turns typed thoughts and ideas into dreamy soundscapes.

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