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“I was deeply moved by my experience at Mosaic Interactive as a part of the Big Ears Festival. My first instinct leads me to say something kind of generic, like the range of musical territory covered means that it had “something for everyone” but when I poke at that idea, it really and truly was something for everyone in a much deeper sense, leading us on imaginative and nuanced paths through this web of musical exchange and connectivity. It was so thoughtful and well-conceived in its narrative, and was – by far – my favorite part of the festival. I can’t wait to see how it grows and develops.”

– Celine Thackston, Big Ears Development Director

“I’m very grateful to the whole Mosaic team for bringing such beauty, inspiration, and international connection to a place that doesn’t always get given the benefit of the doubt for being deserving of it.”

– Rachel Garringer, WMMT, Whitesburg, KY

“Musical ecstasy of such a primal nature that it reached to the core of me… in each instance the melding of cultures so diverse and supposedly miles apart, prove that the distinctness of each is mirrored and matched by the others, all becoming a shared human experience, a musical statement and allegory so desperately needed to be heard and felt on a much larger scale in this time of rampant nationalism and global insularity. I can only hope that this amazing series will travel to other cities, and that it might be filmed in a way that others who didn’t experience it here will be able to feel it, hear it, and see it, too.”

– Andy Nagy, audience member



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